Welcome to the Central Coast Spartans!
Central Coast Pop Warner is run entirely by volunteers; a true collective effort on the part of our Board members, coaches, players, and families. The Board members put in many hours throughout the year to make sure the organization runs smoothly. That effort put together and the contribution of time from our coaches, families, and sponsors is why the Spartans is successful both on and off the field. 
Each family will need to fulfill a minimum of ten volunteer hours a season. You may continue to volunteer even after the 10 hours.  In addition to the ten hour minimum each family will be requested to provide either half-time refreshment (fresh fruit) or after game snack and drink at least once, possibly twice during the season.
Volunteer sign-ups will be taken by your manager/Team Parent for each of group age.
We encourage every to help and make it a great season for our players and cheerleaders!



Volunteer List Includes:
1.Manager/Team Parent - Collects required documents and assembles the Team Certification Book, coordinates game volunteers, coordinates snack schedules, team parties & gatherings, etc.
2.MPR Monitors - "Mandatory Play Rule" Pop Warner requires that each player participates in a minimum number of plays per game. That number is determined by both level of play and roster size. MPR monitors, one on the home sideline, one on the opponent's sideline track activity to ensure everyone gets in as required. MPR Monitors should arrive 15 minutes before game time. Your job is complete for the day when MPR requirements have been fulfilled by both teams.
3.Chain Gang - Three volunteers to run first down and ball markers during home games. Chain Gang volunteer should arrive 10-15 minutes before game time.
Videographers - video recording home and away games.
4.Clock/Scoreboard Operator -  Two volunteers runs clock and scoreboard during home games. Volunteers must have football knowledge and the ability to read signals from the referee. Report to pressbox 15 minutes before game time. 
5. Set-Up or Clean-Up - Set up and/or clean up field before or after home games. 
6. Announcer - Announces game highlights during home games