Joe Tobia Classic Battle of the League Champion 2016 

Orientation and Sign‐Up Event
Starlight Elementary School
Saturday, April 29 from 10:00 – 2:00

​ALL Children Develop
- Personal Power
- Self‐Esteem
- Sense of Purpose
- Positive View of Future
- Responsibility
- Self‐Regulation
- Interpersonal Competence

Parent Advantages
- Safety, Safety, Safety – CCPW is Official
- Member of Pop Warner (founded 1929)
- Summer Fitness and Training Regiment
- Academic Support Center
- Expert coaches with focus on youth
- development strategies and safety

Football. America's pastime. From enjoying a great run to participating in the game itself, football  is a central part of our culture. Let Central Coast Pop Warner help you introduce football to your kids. Our team reinforces sportsmanship and fundamentals. Heads up football and teamwork are all central to our mission.